Consent Matters.. It begins with consent..

A wonderful message on consent from Bianca Villani . Almost everywhere you turn, we are saturated by messages that challenge the necessity of active consent. Sexual violence preventionist Bianca Villani has spent almost four years working on the ground to ensure consent education adapted from national best practices and research is available to communities in Central New Mexico. Engaging in conversations around consent is easy, fun and applicable to our daily lives.

Bianca Villani is an activist, feminist, Latina and the Director of Community Education and Outreach for the Rape Crisis Center of Central New Mexico. She works to push the limits of sexual violence prevention education and find new and innovative ways to talk about active consent and healthy relationships. Bianca has been participating in the anti-violence movement since 2004 and is dedicated to gender justice and racial equity. She understands sexual violence is extremely pervasive but strongly believes each of us can help prevent it and ensure future generations live free of it. Through education and community engagement she hopes to build healthy communities where our families share the value of consensual physical relationships.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organised by a local community. Learn more HERE