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Talking to Kids about consent and respect

Attitudes about consent and respect are formed much earlier than when most people think they are. Diane Peppler Resource Center…

Tea and Consent

Tea and Consent

If you’re still struggling with consent just imagine instead of initiating sex you’re making them a cup of tea. Animation…

Sexual consent

Consent is mandatory- Sex Isn’t

What is consent? How do you know if someone wants to have sex with you? How do you read their…

Informed consent

Consent in Healthcare

This video describes an excellent example of Informed consent in healthcare and a look at the different types of informed…

Consent in the workplace

Consent in the workplace

This video gives an excellent insight into consent in the workplace.. FAQs on sexual harrassment and a reality check into…

What is consent?

What is consent?

What is consent? How do you know if someone wants to have sex with you? How do you read their body language and communicate with them to establish and respect each other’s boundaries?
Consent is about listening to your partner and respecting them, and we believe this video goes some way to show that.

Consent is mandatory – sex isn’t.

This is a great Irish Video made  by Bogdan Hrechka in association with Trinity College Students’ Union on the subject of consent. 

Its starts with consent TED TALK

It begins with consent

Bianca has been participating in the anti-violence movement since 2004 and is dedicated to gender justice and racial equity. She understands sexual violence is extremely pervasive but strongly believes each of us can help prevent it and ensure future generations live free of it. Through education and community engagement she hopes to build healthy communities where our families share the value of consensual physical relationships. Her TED talk is a great conversation on consent!