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Grainne Carr

Gráinne Carr is a qualified Coach, Trainer, Facilitator and Consent Educator with 25 years of experience in business management, training and coaching roles; using her considerable skillset to empower organisations, teams and individuals to achieve their best.

In addition to the significant experience and expertise gained whilst in the business arena, Gráinne has invested in a large variety of comprehensive, indepth trainings in personal development and life enhancing modalities over the last 15 years, in subjects such as Consent and Boundaries, Mindfulness, Radical Honesty, Embodied Counselling and Non-Violent Communication.

Gráinne has spent the last 4 years in particular deepening her knowledge of the nuanced and often complex subject of Consent, is a Wheel of Consent training facilitator and has assisted and supported Betty Martin, creator of The Wheel of Consent on several of her Irish and European trainings. 

Gráinne delivers talks, lectures, and training to those in the business, therapeutic and education sectors. She also provides life, business, relationship and consent focused coaching services to personal clients, couples and organisations.  


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