Training on consent matters

At Consent Matters Ireland, we believe that consent is a basic life skill, like politeness or kindness, that we have as a society failed to teach our children, leading to a substantial portion of the population having a very limited understanding of the concept and its fundamental importance within a healthy society. The basics of consent can be easily taught to toddlers and expanded upon as they grow. Consent needs to be a primary element of all approaches to sex education.

Amongst the wide variety of approaches to teaching consent that exist, we have chosen The Wheel of Consent, developed by Dr. Betty Martin, as our primary teaching model. It can be easily adapted for all age groups, in a wide range of situations.

Consent Matters Ireland offers an extensive variety of trainings, lectures and workshops on consent, tailor made for specific groups, including but not limited to: children, teens, young adults, educators, therapists, coaches, sporting organisations, state and private healthcare services, corporations and government bodies.


Allow us to support you in conversations within your team, community or family on consent matters. We tailor coaching to your needs


Invite us to support your team in learning and understanding consent in the workplace. We design training based on your companies requirements

Public Sector Training

Gaining consent for medical interventions is an integral part of healthcare and a fundamental legal and ethical obligation for all clinicians. We can support your organisation or team in ensuring compliance

Why Us?

This is a workshop that every human on earth should have access to. It is not taught in schools.
Nobody taught it to me. How to say yes and no easily. How to negotiate consent with others. How to
listen to our intuition about what we really want or don’t want instead of pleasing others or
upholding the status quo. This is the basis of healthy relationships, communication and society. I feel
wonderful after attending. This workshop is a safe space to explore the ideas of boundaries and
consent but also to practice the theory. I came away empowered and deeply content. I can only
express gratitude for everything I learned.
Participant, Introduction to Consent, Belfast December '18.

I attended a CMI workshop on Consent & Communication and I left feeling energised, connected and
inspired. I learned practical tools (based on the Wheel of Consent) that I am able to apply to my
everyday interactions with people – family, friends, partners. I have been given a new lens through
which to view exchanges and I’m finding it extremely valuable. I am more aware of the intention behind
my actions and I have the language to clarify this with myself and other people. I found the workshop
fun, safe and nourishing, and I would love to participate in a training or other CMI events in the future.
Participant, Introduction to Consent, Belfast December '18.

Our Team

Our team has many decades of experience in designing and delivering training, facilitating groups, coaching and counselling and are recognised globally as thought leaders and influencers on the subject of Consent. 

Our Vision

Consent Matters Ireland’s vision is to foster and promote on-going discussions around the importance of consent and boundaries in all aspects of life on the island of Ireland, making society safer through consent awareness.

Tailor made training and coaching

Each talk, lecture, workshop and training, from one hour to 5 day training is designed specifically to match the needs of you, our client. Our team is flexible in delivery and support – tailoring our proposals to suit your unique requirements. 

A Comfortable environment

Much of our work involves experiential learning – it’s the most effective way to engage people in this topic and ensures real and embodied understanding of the concepts of consent and boundaries. We create a comfortable learning environment in all contexts; from one to one sessions to group trainings, allowing learning at the level and pace that is appropriate for the specific audience.

Let’s hAVE a Conversation